as you were

from by swarbles

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the theme this week was the march hare.


winter weather worn
a bushel of brambles tangled
in your fur fully mangled;
oh, look what the cat dragged in.

the leap day hare
curled cozy against the cold,
slow thawing of frozen bones,
a live simmering rabbit stew.
the long winter melts away,
leaves a life fully renewed

card checked in the back pocket
of the books you long loved,
resting on the table laid.
you were late for tea again, my friend.

dormice snore tiny storms,
tucked safely around the cup
radiating small warmth,
black tea and citrus,
press porcelain against your lips.

no, i never wanted to be a tea cup
quite as much as in this moment.
the deception of top hats;
you seem taller than before

but surely the same height as you always were.

as you were,
as you wish.


from the hoursongs, track released March 17, 2012



all rights reserved


swarbles Winterport, Maine

The musical endeavors of one Maria Gocze, Maine dwelling friend of winged things, who sang before she spoke. Also one of those Secret Acorns (!

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